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Special topics

Here you can find further details with regards to our special topics with deep knowledge.

Lean Management programs

Lean Institute

The issue is one of increasing personnel cost pressure, higher raw material costs, higher international competition. The only option: the performance of the organization has to be worldclass.

In the framework of our consultancy assignments we have developed and implemented successful Lean programs and Lean methods for a large number of companies. These operational excellence programs have been implemented both in production and administration (marketing, sales, personnel department, etc.).

We have fully integrated Six Sigma as part of these activities. Our approach extends appreciably beyond individual methods, since sustainability cannot be achieved with individual methods. A systematic approach is required here.

Strategy Development

Lean Excellence

The issue here is: we cannot predict the future, but we should be prepared for whatever happens. In addition to this, we should always be one step ahead of the competition.

The basis for this success is the right strategy. The systematic development of a sustainable strategy is a responsibility of the highest level. The strategy development should be well-considered, structured and results-driven.

We support you with a stringent procedure here. The work-intensive process ends in a robust and success-oriented strategy.

Knowledge Management


The issues are the age pyramid, shortage of technical personnel, early retirement of the experts. It will not be possible to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers through government measures in the foreseeable future. The requirements of the companies are increasingly moving towards the use of software/IT to capture the knowledge available in-house.


In this respect, we have supported companies in designing and implementing an elearning software. We are certain that the issue of knowledge management and securing knowledge will increase in strategic importance. We have developed a possibility for securing knowledge electronically in the following project:



We have coached the managerial levels in various assignments, e.g. during the development of a new organization or KPI system.

The “conventional” management style must also often be reflected in the framework of Lean Leadership. We have carried out audits of the current management guidelines and assessed them here.

Motivation for external management consulting