Management Consulting

Lead your company into a solid future!

Dr. Tautrim Management Consulting has implemented a large number of successful consultancy projects over the last decade. Creating value for the customer, customer satisfaction and securing the future of your company are all critical for successful management consultancy.

In addition to an engineering-based, clearly focused approach, the integrity, creditability and professionalism of our consultants are a unique selling point of our management consultancy. Our approach is characterized by crystal-clear structuring, focusing and consistent integration of all the people concerned.

Crystal-clear structuring

  • To use an analogy from everyday life, there are a large number of doctors. The doctors you respect the most are not the doctors who act like a “faith healer” and promise you a miracle cure but the doctors who start with a calm, systematic analysis to assess the symptoms and make an expert diagnosis based on the facts.
  • A profound analysis of causes is essential for selecting the correct measures; all too often, the implementation measure is specified at the problem description stage.
  • The use of detailed analyses and dedicated tools (project management, Six Sigma, Lean methods, common sense) forms part of this, as do the important elements of change management. Along with the tools, human beings are always the key to success.


  • The art of success does not lie in the number of the measures but in their effectiveness and efficiency. Measures which provide the greatest success with a minimum of effort represent the main road to success.
  • We rarely find that there are too few action plans or complex project plans in companies. Time and time again, our experience has shown that no measurable success materializes in spite of these activities. This focused consulting with an impact on your company's balance sheet is our proposition for your company.


“Nothing good happens unless you do it ...”

  • Many companies fail even if a general need for action has been recognized. Many companies fail because the agreed measures are not implemented promptly.
  • The integration of the people concerned in all areas concerned is essential for implementation of the measures.
  • Furthermore, a powerful implementation dynamic is created by revealing the implementation status.

Motivation for external management consulting

Special topics with deep knowledge

The challenges

Make your company secure for the future – Your responsibility also includes the following challenges, in which we will be pleased to support you:

  • Definition of the strategy for success

    We must develop a value-enhancing strategy in the management team, which will sustain over the next 5-10 years.

  • Simple and efficient processes

    We must set up our organization, so that it is lean and remove inefficiencies from the processes.

  • Securing and reproducing knowledge and distributing it throughout the company

    We must secure the knowledge of our current experts, reproduce it and make it available to the junior employees in a structured manner.

Consultancy services in your industry

Organization consulting

  • Your company is faced with important organizational changes.
  • A lean efficient organization must be developed and implemented.
    • Restructuring of organizations as a result of changed general conditions or long-standing structures
    • Assessment and restructuring of departments (e.g. QC, laboratories, production, technology)
    • Sales and Operations Planning processes (S&OP)
    • Lean organization

Strategy consulting and effective management

  • The market environment has changed; the margins of individual products have deteriorated or volumes of high-margin products have been considerably reduced.
  • There is now a need for strategic action:
    • Concerted development of end-to-end strategies to provide for the future of companies
    • Effective value driver-oriented management processes, also as part of an integrated management system
    • Project management which achieves goals; risk management

Increasing efficiency as a program

  • The performance data of your company has a worsening trend or lags behind the competition/benchmark.
  • What matters here is to significantly increase specific company goals (cost, quality, yield, productivity).
  • Concerted development of end-to-end strategies to provide for the future of companies. Implementation of simple and efficient processes in the following areas: production, administration, logistics, maintenance, purchasing, quality management, sales, etc.

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