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We have excellent expertise and excellent references in the chemical industry, in which we were the first to adopt Lean principles. The procedural environment provides the flexibility to increase efficiency. Only the specialists with practical knowledge of the industry can succeed in using industry standards (best practices).

The challenges

Increasing costs of raw materials, energy costs and personnel cost pressure

The costs of raw materials and energy costs are continually increasing and these are considerable cost drivers in the total cost of manufacturing. The companies in the chemical industry are in a state of continuous change as a result of the intensifying pressure on margins and pressure on prices from the international market. A growing market consolidation of the manufacturers of chemical products results in additional pressure for action.

High inventories and low raw material efficiency as a result of distributed international value chains

The security of supply to the market is still mainly secured nowadays through high inventories. The flexible use of the existing in-house and external production capacities is hardly ever used to strategically decrease inventories. The fact that flexible planning concepts which guarantee secure replenishment without stock building are only rarely available also contributes to this. Although the raw material (processing types: formulation, synthesis) is often very expensive, it is rarely managed operationally in the value chain. Losses caused by technology and process engineering are very quickly accepted as the definitive reason.

High proportion of destroyed batches/articles as a result of overproduction, rigid batch operations, bad planning, non-synchronized supply chains

Furthermore, finished products and primary and secondary raw materials are frequently destroyed as a result of inefficient planning and a lack of interlinking of the logistic resources in the complete supply chain or value chain.

The highest demands and legal requirements for with regard to product and plant safety

The chemical industry value chain is subjected to particular dangers and risks (from the raw materials of the initial supplier to a pallet / big bag / container / silo delivered by the haulage contractor). Customer complaints or incidents mean significant damage to the company's image on the market. The highest demands for process and product safety, product quality must be considered.

Strategic optimization

We can assist you professionally with strategic issues:

Organization consulting

  • Restructuring of organizations as a result of changed general conditions or long-standing structures
  • Assessment and restructuring of departments (e.g. QC, laboratories, production, technology)

Strategy consulting and effective management

  • Concerted development of end-to-end strategies to provide for the future of companies
  • Effective value driver-oriented management processes, also as part of an integrated management system

Increasing efficiency as a program

  • Implementation of simple and efficient processes in the following areas: production, administration, logistics, maintenance, purchasing, quality management

Operational optimization

We can assist you professionally with operational issues:

  • Project management, increase in capacity, efficiency programs, strategy, roll-out, sustainability, Lean effectiveness, Capacity and bottleneck calculation, use of S&OP
  • Improvement in raw material efficiency, yield optimization, increase in material efficiency, minimization of raw material losses, stabilization of the quality (Six Sigma)
  • Efficiency increase in manufacture, picking and packing:
    • Improving in startup and shutdown times
    • Shortening of the changeover times
    • Reduction in the cleaning times
    • Realization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
    • TPM audits, efficient lean maintenance


We have excellent expertise and excellent references.

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