Dr. Joerg Tautrim Consultancy method


Dr. Joerg Tautrim Consultancy method to achieve customer goals and objectives systematically.


  • Owner
  • Stakeholder
  • Social partner
  • Employees
  • Customer

Problem description

Prerequisite for a solution is a precise demarcation of the system limits and a real practical understanding of the “problem”, the potential; process mapping

Analysis and value drivers

The causes are analyzed on the basis of a detailed critical organizational process analysis. Knowledge of the value drivers (levers for reaching the goals) as a focus.

Diagnosis of solution concept

The solution is designed together with the client on the basis of best practices inside and outside the industrial sector.

Implementation planning

Good planning is half the battle. A crystal clear, transparent definition of the work packages with responsibility, deadlines and KPIs is provided.

Implementation support

Nothing good happens unless you do it! Regular check of the progress of the implementation and the impact on the measured variables (KPIs).

Your consultant team

Motivation for external management consulting